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Welcome to your ultimate source for all things related to MTV's Teen Wolf. Here you will find everything you need to stay up to date, such as spoilers, episode stills, screenshots but also the cast; Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Arden Cho, Shelley Hennig, Dylan Sprayberry and others. Teen Wolf Online.org is also in no way in touch with the cast of Teen Wolf, their management, their co-stars or her family & friends.

I have added screencaptures of Teen Wolf’s Season 5[A] opening and they’re all watermark-free;

I have added 700+ high quality screencaptures of Teen Wolf’s 5×02: “Parasomnia” and they’re all watermark-free;

I have added 700+ high quality screencaptures of Teen Wolf’s 5×01: “Creatures of the Night” and they’re all watermark-free;

We Got This Covered is back with a review (recap) of Teen Wolf’s fifth season, episode one “Creatures of the Night”;

One episode was provided for review prior to broadcast.

Teen Wolf is back, and it wouldn’t be a new season without a storm being prominently featured in the premiere. Once again, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his friends/makeshift pack face a new challenge to the normalcy that always seems to conveniently dominate their summer hiatus. And again, Scott’s status as True Alpha has become a beacon for other supernaturals to take up semi-permanent residence in his hometown, posing a threat to plans for non-confrontational senior year.

It’s become unfortunately common for shows to unravel during periods of transition, and with the end of the high school experience being only a hop, skip and jump away, all eyes are going to be on how this season sets the narrative up for that point. What happens after the writers don’t have the safety net of Beacon Hills High School to fall back on? And worse, what does that mean for secondary characters who are tied to Beacon Hills?
Last season, the writers took the story back to the beginning, recycling elements of the show that were staples in season one. This time around, however, the established central cast sets a different tone and strongly reinforces the element of unity, even more so than fans have seen with any other combination of characters. Scott has finally found his groove it appears, and naturally, there’s a long list of unknown supernaturals waiting to knock him off his pedestal.

Every season of Teen Wolf brings with it a new antagonist, or at least a new version of an old favorite, and season five looks to be introducing the most complex one, or ones, yet. The writers pulled a curve ball in the season five premiere when they put the cart before the horse and presented fans with a mere henchmen in the wake of revealing the actual threat. It was a little misleading, but was a strong creative choice. In turn, it showcased the lack of compassion present in the hive-like collective aiming to make a name for themselves as bad guys in the Teen Wolf universe.
Like so much of the rest of the season, the identities of the new villains are hidden under an obscure mask – literally. There’s something very disarming about their appearance, even with the limited vantage point. Their cruel tactics aren’t unlike other antagonists Teen Wolf has presented to fans in the past, but the robotic nature of these new characters offers a twist to what we’ve come to expect from MTV’s hit supernatural drama.

Holland Roden started off on Teen Wolf portraying Lydia as a character who nailed the pretentious cheerleader archetype. Over the show’s run, though, Lydia’s evolution has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show, and it continues to impress as it enters a new level of complexity. It should come as no surprise to fans that Lydia’s gifts play an even more pertinent role in season five. Although the details of her stay at Eichen House won’t be revealed in their entirety until later in the season, presumably, her mental state has been questionable since she discovered her banshee “gift.”

The writers did a quality job previewing the rest of the season through Lydia’s experience, perhaps even too much so. Fans were privy to brief clips via Lydia’s memory regarding where the season is headed. Besides the latest evil, season five includes at least one new character. Pretty Little Liars‘ Cody Christian has joined the mix as Theo, the latest werewolf to request admission to Scott’s pack, and fingers crossed that whatever his character arc entails it’s less dismissive than his role on PLL.

With Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) already questioning the longevity of his current friendships, the emergence of a new werewolf begs the question further. Stiles has consistently exhibited concern for being the only non-supernatural member of his friend circle, even though he maneuvers around the issue every season. An additional supernatural showing up parallel to a new threat deserves more than a sideways look from Scott, and it’s clear that Stiles is going to encourage a more rigid check into his background before rolling out the welcome carpet.

Season five of Teen Wolf starts off strong as the writers set the stage for a more mature version of the show. The characters have all had their 15 minutes in the spotlight already and have become a collaborative force against whoever comes knocking with malicious intent. This season signifies the start of a transition away from what fans have become comfortable with, and it appears that the writers have that journey well under control. We’ll have to keep watching to find out just how far they’re willing to take things, though – I know my eyes will be glued to the screen every Monday night for the foreseeable future.

I totally forgot the After After Show of Teen Wolf’s 5×01: “Creatures of the Night” so here it is, hosted by Morgan Evans with guest stars Tyler Posey sharing his moment of the week, Shelley Hennig, Holland Roden and Dylan Sprayberry.

Here’s the Teen Wolf After After Show for 5×02: “Parasomnia” hosted by Morgan Evans with guests Khylin Rhambo, Linden Ashby, Ryan Kelley, Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry;

Here’s a second preview of Teen Wolf’s upcoming episode “Dreamcatchers” airing July 6th on MTV;

Here’s the preview of Teen Wolf’s upcoming episode “Dreamcatchers” airing July 6th on MTV;

Here’s the tracklist for Teen Wolf’s 5×02: “Parasomnia” that aired last night (June 30th);

Maja Francis – “Last Days of Dancing”
First day of school

Alison Wonderland ft. SAFIA – “Take It To Reality”
Scott joins AP Biology much to everyone’s surprise

Ruelle – “War of Hearts”
Skateboarding Flashback

Bahari – “Wild Ones”
Scott heals Stiles’s hand

Mansionair – “Hold Me Down”
Scott and Kira make out

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I have finally found the episode stills of Teen Wolf’s season 5 premiere “Creatures of the Night”;